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Endodontic Microsurgery is a highly specialized type of dental surgery that the team at Beverly Hills Specialty Dental Care in Beverly Hills, CA is equipped to provide. Patients can count on them for healthy and beautiful teeth.

Endodontic Microsurgery Q & A

How is Endodontic Microsurgery Different Than a Non-Surgical Endodontic Procedure?

Endodontic microsurgery is a surgical way to address infections and other problems with the tooth pulp. A root canal is a non-surgical endodontic procedure. During a root canal, the pulp of the tooth (the nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues) is removed due to infection. After the damaged pulp is taken out, the tooth is cleaned and packed with preservative materials. A crown is placed atop the tooth to add strength. However, there may be situations in which root canal therapy is simply not sufficient and the tooth can't be saved without more complex treatment. This is where endodontic microsurgery comes in. Endodontic microsurgery is a surgical procedure in which problems like calcium deposits can be addressed. Calcium deposits may build up, making the canal impossible to clean and shape properly during the normal root canal process. Endodontic microsurgery can access areas that could not be accessed during a normal root canal, including support bones and root ends.

Will the Patient Feel Pain During Endodontic Microsurgery?

No, patients won't generally have pain during the endodontic microsurgery. Local anesthetics are administered before the surgery to keep patients comfortable. As patients recover, they will typically experience some swelling and pain. However, this is normal and can be managed with either prescription or non-prescription pain medication.

Is There an Another Option For Treatment?

When a non-surgical endodontic procedure like root canal fails, there are only 2 choices for treatment: Endodontic microsurgery and tooth extraction. Tooth extraction is more complex than it may seem because it also requires other procedures afterwards. People who choose tooth extraction will typically need to have a dental implant or a dental bridge placed in the extraction area later. This keeps the teeth from shifting and preserves the patient's ability to chew normally. In most cases, endodontic microsurgery is the best choice because it preserves the natural tooth.

Major Insurance Plans Accepted

At Beverly Hills Specialty Dental Care, we accept most PPOs, select HMO plans for root canal treatment, as well as UC Ship. UC Ship is a system wide plan that provides health benefits to all enrolled students. Here is a list of insurances that we take for PPO plans. Please contact our office for a full list or with any insurance questions.

Anthem Blue Cross
Delta Dental
United Healthcare